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Albéa cosmetic laminate tube offering: attractiveness, protection, and time-to-market

"The trend is for shiny tubes with metallic effects and intricate designs, for
beautiful tubes that stand out on shelf, while at the same time preserving more delicate formulations. These new aesthetic codes help beauty brands expand their seasonal collections and limited editions by providing pioneering, top-quality, personalised products in very short time frames, helping them stand out from the competition. Laminated cosmetic tubes are an ideal solution for beauty brands," explains Dorothée de Courson, Marketing Director, Albéa Tubes.
Albéa's cosmetic laminate tube offering provides countless advantages:
- A large range of round or oval shapes, from diameters 19 to 50mm for 10 to 300ml filling capacity.
- Different structures for different barrier levels and looks: ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate), PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) or Reflexion™.
- Intricate designs: realistic photo prints, matte or shiny effects, multi-coloured... and sophisticated metallic effects.
- A near-invisible side seam thanks to Perfectiseam™ technology
- Various cap and applicator options: flip top, screw top, nozzle, etc.
- As well as flexibility and time-to-market: our cutting-edge SmartPrint™ digital printing technology, available in North America and Europe, allows batch sizes from 10,000 units and shortens product development lead-times.

Albéa pioneers shiny, metal and photo-like decors via SmartPrint™ inkjet technology!

SmartPrint™ allows small batch sizes from 10,000 to 50,000 units and is now available on many laminate tube specifications.

Anti-counterfeiting via sequential numbering is an additional option.

You can also design your cosmetic laminate tubes with Albéa Mix&Match, Albéa's digital platform where you can create your customised tubes virtually.
Design and create your customised tube in real-time by combining our 3 expertise:
- the elegance and performance of our structures - round, oval, plastic, laminated or Purefoil
- our creative and ergonomic designs with different applicators - airless pumps, nozzles, screw-caps
- endless decorations by playing with effects and colours thanks to a stunning palette. And for the ultimate personalisation, upload your own design and apply it to the tube for an extremely realistic result!

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