Cotton Mixed Fibers - fiber lash care brush

Brush combining traditional fibers and cotton fibers to apply lash care, primer or mascara formulas.

lipbalm anhydrous formula albea

Lipbalm / Anhydrous Formula

Looking for no "makeup" makeup? Try our lipbalms Ideal to prepare your makeup, take care of your lips or create a total natural look! Different packs are available : chubby, sticks… Contact us to...

Powder blush brush 105z

Powder Blush Brush

The shape is slightly domed to charge a bit more the powder on the very center of the brush, so it will be easier to spread by circular motions.

liquid foundation brush 102z_

Liquid Foundation Brush

Liquid foundations (emulsions) are inevitable on the face makeup market. Try our full collection of customizable brushes depending on the formula you choose. Contact us to find your perfect match...

Liquid contour brush 103z

Liquid Contour Brush

If you worked your base with liquid foundation, your contour will look more natural using liquid or cream products. Find the best way to apply your shaping and coloring products by selecting one...

powder contour brush104z

Powder Contour Brush

Apply powder products to tan or contour your face. Re-shape your best features with makeup. Which brush will you select to apply your shaping and coloring products. Choose within our full...

Powder blush brush 105z

Powder Blush Brush

Powder blushes will make your cheeks pop out! Subtle or intense, find the best way to apply your coloring products by trying our brushes! A full collection customizable and adjustable to any...

powder highlighter brush153z

Powder Highlighter Brush

Adding shine to the face helps enhancing the areas where the light naturally touches it. Upper lids, nose, Cupid's bow or upper cheek area: add powder wherever you like! Subtle or intense, find...

face powder brush106z

Face Powder Brush

Setting your makeup by adding some powder is key to make it last longer & avoid shine throughout the day. Find the best way to apply your face powder by selecting one of our brushes! Discover...

eye shading brush powders 251z

Eye Shading Brush - Powders

You need the right tool to apply your favorite eye shadow! Pearly, matte or metallic, a subtle eye make up look requires several steps, therefore dedicated brushes. Discover our full collection of...

eye blender brush -powder 209z

Eye Blender Brush - Powder

Blending different colors together is the key to a professionnal-looking eye makeup. Find the best way to apply eyeshadows with our full collection of customizable brushes. Contact us to find your...

eye lip topper brush 391z

Eye / Lip Topper Brush

Applying loose glitters or extra-metallic powders can be tricky. Have you ever colored your applicator by adding several layers or lipgloss or lipstick? For those cases, go with a silicon...

eye liner brush 206z

Eye Liner Brush

Thin overlining or dramatic cat eye, it's up to you! Draw any wings, choose any formula from powder to gel or cream! Find the best way to apply any liner by discovering our full collection of...

brow brush 205z

Brow Brush

Natural grooming, re-shaping or filling your brows: find the perfect tool for the look you want to create! A full collection of customizable brushes is waiting for your formula. Contact us to find...

lip  brush 207z

Lip Brush

THE basic of makeup brushes, too oftenly forgotten. Be precise, fill in your lips with your lipstick, mix colors of liquid lipsticks without tinting your applicators, apply gloss on top. Sky's the...

giulia pouche gifts kits and pouches albea

Giulietta pouche

Giulietta is a red grainy PU make-up bag. Its T-shape makes it perfect carry all your beauty accessories from sponges to brushes. 

pouche albea gifts kits and pouches

Steve pouche

Steve is an elegant tablet case that comes in 2-tone polyester. 

jeff pouche trousse albea

Jeff Pouche

Jeff is a organic cotton. Its rectangle shape makes it perfect as a nomade toiletries pouche. Its hook is perfect to hang it with an easy access to our beauty accessories.

jane tote bag albea

Jane tote bag

Jane is more than a tote bag. Convenient with its reinforced handles, it is made of 14 Oz natural cotton.

Vicky bag Albéa

Vicky bag

Vicky is an all-terrain bag. Convenient with its reinforced handles to bring with you everywhere!

Kate kraft bag Albéa

Kate bag

The Kate bag is made of washable kraft paper. It offers a natural crinkled effect while being rigid and resistant.  

floral pouches albéa

Floral pouches

These beautiful floral pouches are available in a choice of 10 materials. The ones featured above are made of 12 Oz polycanvas. 

bio-based foam bottle albea

Bio-based Foam bottles

A sustainable foam bottle


PCR Foam pump

A sustainable foam pump

Albea Artist Bubble tube Fast Track

Artist Bubble tube // FAST-TRACK

Tube with an innovative spherical sponge bubble applicator with an intuitive application gesture. The user uses this "dab" gesture for finger-free application. 
Texture and size of the...

Bevel applicator tube

Bevel tube // FAST-TRACK

Bevel tubes have an oblique applicator that adapts to the contours of the face and lips.



Vintage cap Fast-Track Albéa

Vintage Cap // FAST-TRACK

Super trendy vintage looking cap with ribbed contours that guarantee a very comfortable use.


What is Fast-Track?

The new fast and agile solution by Albéa tubes.

  • ...
Octagonal cap Albéa Fast-Track

Octagonal cap // FAST-TRACK

This octagonal cap is very attractive and ultra trendy among millennials. It gives the tube a retro look and is easy to grip and open. 


What is Fast-Track?

The new fast and...

Fast-track screw cap by Albéa

Screw cap // FAST-TRACK

Our range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These tubes are basics of the industry thanks to their versatility, utility and that they are suitable for practically any market.



Fast-Track Access Denied by Albéa

Tamper evident cap: Access Denied // FAST-TRACK

Ultra light Access Denied cap comes with a tamper evident band. It has 50% reduction in material used compared to a standard flip-top cap, has a reduced carbon footprint thus is better for the...