clean tube albea

Clean Tube Cap

This cap is comprised of a cut-off valve. It is designed for clean formula dispensing. The cut off valve facilitates control of the flow of your formula and prevents overflow. Made in the European...

plastic tube albea

Tamper evident cap: AccessDenied

Ultra light Access Denied cap comes with a tamper evident band. It has 50% reduction in material used compared to a standard flip-top cap, has a reduced carbon footprint thus is better for the...

ultra light caps albea

Ultra-Light Caps : Slender

Slender cap is a light weight flip-top cap with 50% reduction in material used compared to a standard one, and has a reduced carbon footprint thus is better for the environment. It has a soft look...

oval screw caps tubes albea

Oval Screw Caps with Plastic Tubes

These caps have a trendy, ergonomic, elegant oval shape and are available with plastic tubes.

The oval shape of the tubes takes up lesser space than the cylindrical tube which makes it...

Screw caps for tubes classic shape

Essential Screw Caps

This is a range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These essential tubes have versatile utility and are suitable for practically all markets.

Artist Soft bevel tube Albea

Artist Soft Bevel Tube

Soft elastomer bevel applicator on a tube.

Transparent material enhances visual experience by highlighting your formula.

The tube is easy to fill, has a large capacity scale and...

Brush applicator for small diameter tubes

Artist Brush Tube

This tube features a brush at the tip as an applicator. The soft bristles of the brush allow a smooth application of the formula.

artist_roll_on_tube albea

Artist Roll-On Tube Metallic & Plastic Ball

The application of your formulas will be very comfortable thanks to the roller ball of this tube. Available in plastic for great compatibility with the formulas or in metal version for a massaging...

Tube with integrated applicator in bevel shape

Bevel for plastic tubes

Bevel tubes have an oblique applicator that adapts to the contours of the face and lips. Available in Fast Track!

Round applictor with metal balls for body usage

Body Triball Tube

The metal balls of this tube are fixed in a triangular formation on the applicator and facilitate quick formula absorption and have a massaging effect. The on-and-off system makes it easier to...

Elliptical Tube with applicator with balls for body use

Ellips Triball Tube

Ellips Triball tube with an easy to hold wide shape provides a massaging and cooling effect. The tube facilitates formula efficiency and absorption.

lipstick_tube albea

Lipstick Tube

This tube with an ergonomic applicator built specifically for lip color application. The shape of the applicator is perfectly adapted to the lips and suits smooth flawless application.

mini_dome_tube albea

Mini Dome Tube

Small sized tube with a dome shaped applicator for local and precise application. The ribbed cap makes opening the tube hassle-free.

Tube with applicator in silicon for linear application

Pinpoint Tube

Pinpoint tubes are fitted with our innovative silicone applicator for precise formula application. The tip of the applicator tappers in a cone shape for very precise "pin pointed" application.

Roll-on Ø35 Tube

The Roll-on Ø35 tube is equipped with a plastic ball applicator. The applicator has been designed to dispense the formula in a very thin layer onto the skin. The roll-on provides a soothing...

tube with applicator with 3 balls for small size application

Trio Tube

This small size tube with a 3-ball applicator is ideal for face care formulas and other formulas requiring a localized action. The 3 metal balls are organized in a triangular shape to evenly apply...

Tube with airless pumps for body and hair applications

Tube + Pump LX

The formula protection of an airless pump and the convenience of a tube is possible! The LX pump features a highest dosage of our one-stop-supplier product range: 500µl. It is the solution that...

tube with airless neutral pump

Tube + Pump NEA

The formula protection of an airless pump and the convenience of a tube is possible! This 100% neutral Nea renowned for its soft actuation and ultra smooth dispensing.

tube with sprayer pump for liquidy bulks

Tube + Pump SP32A

The formula protection of an airless pump and the convenience of a tube is possible! Our airless spray pump SP32A is available with tubes. This pump allows to spray a wide range of formula...

tube with airless pumps for lotion and medium to low viscosity bulks

Tube + Pump SP343

The formula protection of an airless pump and the convenience of a tube is possible! Our airless tube SP343 is available with plastic or metallic version for a premium and trendy look to the tube...

tube with insert that prevent the air intake

Airbackless Tube

This tube is fitted with an airbackless insert which prevents air from re-entering the tube.

Nozzle / Cannula Tubes

Nozzle tubes are a great answer the needs of precise formula distribution. Albea plastic tubes feature a large range of nozzle shapes to choose from to fit your product requirement. Available in...

tube with breakable heads for treatment, small dosages or samples

Twist-off head Tube Range

A complete range of tubes with breakable heads. Ideal for all kinds of cures and kits. The head can be twisted and broken off from the tube.

tubes with high content

Extra Volume Tubes

This tube is geared for large quantities of formula. Our high volume tube means more formula and less packaging. A diameter 60mm tube that is available with a flip-top or a screw cap.

Post consumer recycled plastic tube Albéa

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) Plastic Tubes

Sustainable plastic tubes made with 50% recycled plastic and the same properties as standard tubes.

Available in mono layer and co-extruded version to adapt to your product needs.

Classic Range Screw Caps for tubes

Our range of cylindrical tubes with screw caps. These tubes are basics of the industry thanks to their versatility, utility and that they are suitable for practically any market. Different sleeve...

tube with drop by drop dispensing for liquid bulks

TearDrop for plastic and Purefoil tube

The TearDrop tube has been designed to dispense trendy liquid formulas drop-by-drop. This carry-on tube is very resistant and has an intuitive application gesture. The nozzle tip is smooth for...

Glam'tube mascara by Albéa

Mascara Glam'Tube

Applying mascara out of a tube is now possible thanks to the Glam'Tube packaging.

Our brushes selection provide different make-up effects: length, curling, volume and definition.


Glam'tube gloss by Albéa

Gloss Glam'Tube

The Glam'Tube gloss applicator has been designed to provide a smooth and comfortable application round the clock. The plastic tube small size is great to fit into any bag or purse.

Eco designed Slim cap Albéa

Eco designed Slim Cap for plastic tubes

Designed to be flat and compact with sharp lines, the SLIM cap is amongst the lightest caps for plastic tubes on the market. With its eco-design look, the SLIM cap creates a distinct break from...

convinient nozzle tube with non-detachable cap

1/4 turn nozzle for tubes

This nozzle features a 1/4 turn gesture for the opening. The cap will stay on the tube while the formula flows through the central orifice. After using the product, the user simply turn the cap to...

convinient dispensing tube with non-detachable cap

1/4 turn Cap for tubes

This cap features a 1/4 turn gesture for the opening. The cap will stay on the tube while the formula flows through the central orifice. The tube can stand alone on the cap. After using the...

Scrub Tube plastic tube

Applicator has a distinctive applicator for a massaging and scrubbing effect. Ideal for increasing effectiveness of exfoliating formulas as application can be targeted to desired area.

Wellness Tube plastic tube

This tube has an applicator with soft bristles for a massaging and exfoliating effect.

tubes with solid formula container in the cap

Balm Cap plastic tube

The 2-in-1 cap features a standard screw head to dispense the main formula of the tube in a traditional way. It also presented a compartment where solid formulas can be poured in for a 2nd step of...

rounded shape flip top cap for tubes

CebalCap for tubes

CebalCap is a convenient and robust flip-top cap which is available with tubes with Plastic, Laminate and Purefoil tubes in diameter 30mm, 35mm, and 50mm with many orifice size possibilities.