Round eyebrow bottles

Here is the selection of our round eyebrow bottles. Find the one that will perfectly fits your needs!


Special shape eyebrow bottle

Here is the selection of our special shape eyebrow bottle. Find the one that will perfectly fits your needs!


Super Brush - plastic mascara brush

Extra loading mascara brush & woman-inspired design


Extra - plastic mascara brush

Mascara brush that brings an express volume express, associated with a nice combing effect


Lynx 2 - fiber mascara brush

The eye-opening and extra slim mascara brush for a wide-eyed look


Ecstasy - fiber mascara brush

Ecstasy brings a false lash makeup effect without false lashes


Perfetto - fiber mascara brush

With Perfetto mascara brush, dress up your lashes for an extra volume makeup effect


Excess 2 - fiber mascara brush

Do you dream of excess in your beauty look ?


Spice 2 - fiber mascara brush

Spice your day and create a sensational look with Spice 2 mascara brush. Bring extra volume on your lashes!


Duck Da Vinci - fiber mascara brush

Duck Da Vinci brings both volume and extra length on the lashes thanks to its innovative shape


Donna - fiber mascara brush

The perfect mix for your lashes to get the best extra volume makeup result


Terrific - fiber mascara brush

Let your lashes be the focus of attention thanks to Terrific, an extra volume mascara brush


Shadow - fiber mascara brush

A conventional shaped mascara brush that allows you to get an extra volume effect


Jazz - fiber mascara brush

With Jazz mascara brush, you can get an extra volume makeup effect and let your lashes be stunning!


Pop - fiber mascara brush

A Da Vinci brush that gives you more corner-to-corner makeup volume for full, fanned out lashes


Bane - fiber mascara brush

Bane mascara brush plumps and adds volume on the lashes for a dramatic look


Rocket - fiber mascara brush

With Rocket mascara brush, get fuller lashes and bolder impact thanks to an extra volume makeup result


Wicked - fiber mascara brush

Pump up the volume of your lashes: even the smallest ones have an instantly super thick and long effect


Opulence - fiber mascara brush

Opulence is a simply designed brush transforming the lashes and delivering extra volume

Glow mascara brush Albéa

Glow - fiber mascara brush

With Glow mascara brush, instant volume is guaranteed.

It is a go-for bold lashes


Wavy - fiber mascara brush

A high/Low mascara brush providing extra volume for an instantly more open look


Psychedelic - fiber mascara brush

Experience psychedelic instant volume ! The three circular zones of the brush contain hollow and rigid fibers to achieve the perfect balance between instant extra volume and definition.


Passion - fiber mascara brush

With Passion mascara brush, lengthen your eyelashes and get a 360 look


Curvy - fiber mascara brush

With Curvy mascara brush, fall in love with your intensified look


Glimmer - fiber mascara brush

Load your lashes for an extra volume makeup result, and express yourself!


Style - fiber mascara brush

A peanut shaped brush to apply mascara with style and get a full and darl look all day long


Perfecto - fiber mascara brush

With Perfecto mascara brush, perfect your look and give bold expression to your eyes


Fuse - fiber mascara brush

Fuse is a large mascara brush for extra volume and definition thanks to our Mix Fiber technology


Aurora - fiber mascara brush

Progressive comb fan design visually inspired by the Aurora Borelis, and formed of alternating pink solid fiber and super soft fiber. Aurora brings extra volume makeup effect.


Denim - plastic mascara brush

Spiky design and oval shape geometry providing a symmetrical lengthening make-up result on both eyes.


La Petite - plastic mascara brush

The newborn mascara brush in our nano range, for a nice volume and length make up effect


Eternity - fiber mascara brush

Lengthen your eyelashes to infinity thanks to Eternity mascara brush


Palermo - fiber mascara brush

A conventional mascara brush that delivers extra length makeup result thanks to its special shape


Round lipgloss bottles - from 3 to 4 ml

Here is the selection of our round lipgloss bottles from 3 to 4ml. Find the one that will perfectly fits your needs!


Round lipgloss bottles - from 6 to 8 ml

Here is the selection of our round lipgloss bottles from 6 to 8ml. Find the one that will perfectly fits your needs!


Wonder - square lipgloss bottle

Here is our square lipgloss bottle: Wonder has a crystal-like packagings to showcase every formula.