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Algenist Splash Mist

Algenist Splash Hydrating Setting Mist with the SP22 Panache Pulse pump has been awarded by MakeUp in Los Angeles 2018.

Based in Los Angeles, Algenist - the award-winning skincare brand known for unlocking the secrets of algae for visible skin transformation in 10 days - has selected the SP22 Panache Pulse pump for its Splash Hydrating Setting Mist, a Hydrating Serum in a Mist.

Offering anti-aging skincare innovations, Algenist selected the SP22 Panache Pulse from Albéa to provide its customer with a unique, gentle and luxurious experience.

SP22 Panache Pulse technology delivers micro-droplets to the skin, giving the sensation of walking through a gentle, deep, perfumed cloud that enthralls the senses. SP22 Panache Pulse offers a real sensory experience, opening up new possibilities in Beauty and Wellness.

Algenist Splash Hydrating Setting Mist is awarded by MakeUp in Los Angeles for its Innovation Tree that rewards innovations in terms of ingredients, packaging, textures and materials.

About SP22 Panache Pulse pump: SP22 Panache Pulse gives beauty rituals a makeover - a new gesture, an immersion in a gentle, deep and long-lasting cloud of fragrance that captivates the senses. Its dry touch makes it perfect for a wide range of applications including hair care and luxury deodorant applications as well as fragrance and skincare formulas.

Albéa SP22 Panache Pulse pump is made in Albéa Le Tréport (France) - the group’s global center of excellence for fragrance and sampler pumps.

Algenist Mist Innovation Tree SP22